Poll: Where Will Your Beer Dollars Go This Quarter?

Where are your craft beer dollars going?It’s getting closer to the holiday season, and there have some very interesting, premium beer offerings for sale between now and the end of the year. While most of these offerings are coming out of California, many craft beer enthusiast from all around will be wisely shelling out the bucks for one or many of these offerings. So you know what we’re talking about….

The Bruery Reserve Society – A California based beer club membership that entitles one to receive 10 bottles of beer valued between $20 – $50 a bottle, allocation offerings, discounts, and invites to members only gatherings. Price before additional purchases $295.00

Crooked Stave Cellar Reserve – Similar to The Reserve Society mentioned above, 10 bottles of premium beer, commemorative merchandise, discounts, special allocations. Price before additional purchases $300.00

The Lost Abbey Ultimate Box Set – Lost Abbey has been building a “box set” of 12 oz. rare beers every month since January, and will be selling the entire collection in a collectors box with artwork. Folks who have purchased these beers have been entered into a drawing for the right to purchase the entire collection. According to Lost Abbey, 500 of these will be on sale, and those who win the drawing will have first crack at the purchase. Price $450.00

FiftyFifty Eclipse Imperial Stout – While this isn’t a membership, or a collectors set, this a product that has gained momentum, partially due to the collector mentality. This year, FiftyFifty is offering 6 whiskey barrel aged bottles, all with a different colors of wax on the neck. Price $30 – $33.00 a bottle depending on which variant.

So we’d like to ask you, where will your beer dollars go this quarter? You can choose one or many options, and would love you to share your passionate thoughts in the comment section below.

Where Will Your Beer Dollars Go This Quarter?

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