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Our Mission

The Full Pint has been a trusted place for craft breweries and those who want information on craft beer for over 10 years now. The Full Pint is an independently owned niche website that features beer news, beer reviews, beer event listings, opinion articles on beer and within the last year, a podcast where we have fun conversations with important people in the beer industry.

We pride ourselves on being a free platform for small, medium and large craft breweries to get their good news out, and a free resource for people who love craft beer to get the latest scoop.

We have some strong opinions on the beer industry landscape, and also a fun tone when covering our favorite drink, and that’s what separates us from other websites that cover beer.

The Full Pint is supported by advertisers, mostly comprised of those with beer related products and services as well as those who share what we offer on a daily basis to other like-minded people.

Dan Becker aka Danny Fullpint

Co-Founder / Editor in Chief / Chief Beer Drinker

Danny has been a long time beer fan since his late teenage years thanks to his New Jersey native father. Since moving to California in 1999, Danny has been exploring and analyzing beers. Danny wears multiple hats here at The Full Pint including leading the team, publishing, beer writing, sales, marketing and directing the weekly podcast. His favorite beer styles are West Coast IPAs and mixed fermentation saisons.

Jon Sims aka Jonny Fullpint

Co-Founder / Chief Technical Officer / Chief Beer Drinker

Jonny graduated with honors back in 2002 with Danny, and while he studied IT as well, he always had a keen eye for design and aesthetics. Since The Full Pints inception, Jonny has been responsible for the look and feel of The Full Pint, which has translated into years of good will amongst the craft beer community. Jonny is now also the producer of our weekly podcast, making sure our guests sound clear and Danny sounds smart. His favorite beer styles are IPAs and barleywines.

Frances Lopez aka Franny Fullpint


Our first real team mate here at The Full Pint, Frances Lopez is was a Jill of All Trades in the Los Angeles underground music scene as well as a budding food and wine writer. Eager to provide the readers of The Full Pint a fresh female perspective, Franny came out of the gates swinging, adding another strong personality to our fun and unique tone. While Franny is entrenched with her full-time job as Executive Director of the Los Angeles Brewers Guild, she is ready to drop a few bars here at The Full Pint in article form or on our weekly podcast.


Beer Reviewer / Expert Taster

While visiting Munich in 2006, GT fell in love with his first beer, Franziskaner Weissbier. Since then, he’s been on the hunt for the best beers in the world, reviewing more than 14,000 unique beers. GT has volunteered with De Struise Brouwers in Belgium and Gänstaller Bräu in Germany. As a BJCP certified beer judge, GT has judged several national and international beer competitions. He currently lives in San Diego with his wife, two cats, and dog Renly, First of His Name.


Street Team Representative

Longtime friend of Jonny and Danny, Moises, or as we call him, Momo has been an important part of The Full Pint team. Whether it be holding down a booth for us at a festival, snapping pictures at an event, or running kegs for us up and down the coast, Momo is the guy.


Copy Editor

Monica is a bitter, angry craft beer insider who only helps us because she is sick and tired of reading beer blogs that have awful grammar and spelling. Monica preaches that spell check is your friend and an extra set of eyes does wonders. Oh, and she also thinks your blog sucks.


Beer Writer

Brad is a craft beer columnist and consultant, based in Los Angeles and New York. He has curated menus for restaurants and festivals on both coasts. He prefers beer to most things. His favorite beers are Russian River Pliny the Elder (on draft at the brewpub, only), Russian River Supplication and Almanac Dog Patch Sour.

instagram: @Journeys_with_Japhe
Twitter: @braphe


Beer and Spirits Writer

Lew Bryson has been drinking non-mainstream beer since 1981, and writing about it since 1994. He’s homebrewed, helped formulate a GABF Gold medal winner (Perkuno’s Hammer), and helped kickstart the session beer trend. He lives in the Philly suburbs, and drinks whatever he wants. Three favorite beers: Pilsner Urquell, Bell’s Two Hearted, Victory Headwaters Pale Ale

Twitter/Instagram: @LewBryson


Beer Writer

Katie Coakley is a Denver-based freelance journalist who writes about craft beer, travel, outdoor adventures and how these things go so well together. She’s sipped suds in Singapore and cracked cans at 14,000 feet, but loves exploring the U.S.’s still-expanding beer scene, too.
– 3 favorite beers: Almanac’s Elephant Heart de Brettaville; Broken Compass’s Coconut Porter; anything by Casey Brewing and Blending.


Beer Writer

Tyra Sutak is a Colorado-based freelance writer, photographer and editor sharing stories and images about her favorite things: travel, food, the outdoors, people, music and craft beer.


Beer Writer

Sam Otterbourg is a North Carolina native working in the alcohol industry so he can write beer and wine off on his taxes. His favorite beers are Starpoint Duh!, Prarie Standard, or whatever else is within reach.” @sotterbourg on Twitter


Beer Writer

Jeremy Banas ( is a freelance beer writer who writes for such publications as the San Antonio Current, San Antonio Magazine, TheFullPint.Com, the Brewers Association’s and He is also the author of two books ‘San Antonio Beer: Alamo City History By The Pint (co-authored with Travis Polling) and the upcoming ‘Pearl: A Heady History of San Antonio’s Iconic Brew’ to be released fall of 2017. He has judged numerous beer competitions and serves as a founding member of (and committee member for) San Antonio Beer Week.


Beer Writer

Christopher Barnes is a 16 year veteran of the craft beer and cider industry in Oregon. While Oregon is home to some of the best Craft Beers in the US, Christopher spends his time working with and drinking the beer and ciders of Europe. When he’s not working with great beers, he’s writing about them or traveling the globe to taste them. He mainly focuses on the beers and ciders of Europe and industry topics and has written for many sites and publications from around the world. You can find his writing on his site: He lives in Portland, Oregon with his Girlfriend, a 5-year old hooligan, and 2 jerk face cats.


Beer Writer

Ryan Brawn is a beer geek, writer, chemist and occasional home-brewer who lives in the suburbs of Boston. He is the author of, a blog featuring news, notes, reviews and opinions with a focus on the New England beer scene. You can follow Hoppy Boston on Twitter & Instagram (@HoppyBoston), or Facebook/hoppyboston.


Beer Writer

John Verive is a freelance writer who works the craft beer beat for the Los Angeles Times, writes monthly columns for Beer Paper LA and Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine and has contributed to Los Angeles Magazine, Beer Advocate, Draft Magazine, and sites across the web.


Beer Writer

Ken Weaver is a freelance beer writer and editor in Petaluma, California. He is the author of The Northern California Craft Beer Guide and most recently served as beer editor of All About Beer Magazine. Find him on Instagram + Twitter @KenWeaver.

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