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We know you don't want to pay for craft beer news, you want it when it breaks and you want it for the same price you pay for all other forms of breaking news.  With that said, we really need your support to continue operating this publication, and to … [Read more...]

How Did Dan Do With his 2013 Predictions?

Last year, around this time, I made some bold predictions for the year as for what would transpire in the craft beer industry. As you will see below, some were spot on and some were completely wrong.  Stay tuned for 2014 predictions, here's a run … [Read more...]

Danny Fullpint’s Favorite Beers of 2013

We are less than two weeks away from our flagship poll, The Best Craft Beer of 2013. While that will be determined by you, the readers, I'd like to recap a few of my favorite standout beers of 2013. The only criteria that I'm following is that the … [Read more...]

Guide To Selling More Craft Beer

Craft Beer's popularity is at an all time high. We learn of a new brewery almost daily, and it hasn't seemed to slow down at all.  We've also had our hands on the pulse of the industry, and seen trends come, go and sometimes stay.  If you are a new … [Read more...]

Craft Beer Power Rankings 12-7-13

It's time for this weeks Craft Beer Power Rankings. We attempt to rank the five most buzz worthy beers of the week, based on influences including but not limited to social media as well as RB and BA. Cheers! 5. The Alchemist Heady Topper - Every … [Read more...]

Craft Beer Power Rankings 11-21-13

We're back from fall vacation with this edition of Craft Beer Power Rankings. We attempt to rank the top 5 buzzworthy beers, with influences from social media, highly respected database communities (RB and BA) as well as common sense.  Cheers! 5. … [Read more...]

Craft Beer Power Rankings 10-26-13

We're back with the latest edition of the Craft Beer Power Rankings for the fourth week of October.  We attempt to rank the top five most buzz-worthy beers based on a few influential factors such as social media presence as well as presence on … [Read more...]

Decoder Ring

Bottle Dating – What Do You Have to Hide?

Dan blogs about his issues surrounding certain breweries making it difficult to find freshness information on craft beer.   The single most important aspect for me as a beer drinker is freshness. The fresher the beer, the better it will taste in … [Read more...]

Craft Beer Power Rankings – 10-5-13

It's time once again to rank the 5 most buzz-worthy beers in this edition of Craft Beer Power Rankings.  We track which beers are receiving the most hype (worthy or otherwise) on social media outlets and the two big ratings sites and rank them … [Read more...]