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Guide to Halloween Beers

This weekend, Halloween falls on a Sunday, so the one day holiday can be spread out over today and tomorrow. There is still plenty of time to go to your favorite beer store and pick up some of these Halloweenish beers. Here are a few that we think are worth trying, and most likely enjoying.

LA Beer Week – Open Invitation to Aspiring Brewers

LA Beer Week – Open Invitation to Aspiring Brewers

The landscape of the craft beer scene has never been more promising. All over the country, small craft breweries are popping up left and right, trying to bring beer lovers of all degrees fresh, local, tasty beer.

38 degrees sign

LA Beer Week – The Emerging Craft Beer Scene

Dan of TheFullPint.com blogs about the emerging craft beer scene, in celebration of LA Beer Week 2010. Los Angeles, as you know, is bigger than some US States.  5 years ago or more, the craft beer scene was vastly different than it is now. I am proud to hang my hat at many new establishments […]

I am a Craft Beer Drinker

Watch I am a Craft Beer Drinker Here

This past Friday, New Brew Thursday premiered their spin off of I am a Craft Brewer, entitled I am a Craft Beer drinker.  It was met with mostly positive reviews, and a few that cried it was to So-Cal oriented. Personally, I thought it was touching, and well done to boot. If you can see […]

Stone 10th Anniversary Logo

Cellar Report – Stone 10th, Firestone 11, Weyerbacher 13

Four the past four years, I have been on a beer aging journey here in Southern California. With all the noise on trading boards, and marketing speak on the sides of many bottles, I was intrigued to see what magic would come of putting some strong ales away for a later day, or in this […]

BrewDog The End of History

BrewDog The End of History – Calm Down Everyone

It has taken me the weekend to digest not the news of BrewDog’s latest high alcohol beer stunt, but the hoopla it has created online in the beer purists/ geek circles. For those who haven’t heard, BrewDog has upped the ante in the Strong Beer wars with ‘The End of History” another highly concentrated beer, […]

So What Was Stone Sourfest 2010 Like?

So What Was Stone Sourfest 2010 Like?

A year ago, I was invited to Stone Sourfest, and was unable to attend due to a previously planned family engagement.  It’s the life I lead as a decent husband and now a decent dad.  Family first, then beer, unless I can combine the two.  This year, I called up Dr. Bill Sysak and told […]

A Business Plan Based on Arrogance – Update on Stone’s RFP

Dan’s thoughts on Stone’s Update on Mustardgate and Stone’s RFP for a European Brewery. Stone Brewing has updated us in another well communicated video as to their recent mustard SCANDAL, as well as how their RFP (Request for Proposal) is going for a Stone Brewery in a European Country. Here are my random thoughts followed […]

A Spontaneous Visit to Russian River Brewpub

A Spontaneous Visit to Russian River Brewpub

Less than a month ago, I took a flight up north to the San Jose area on business.  I go there a few times a year by myself, and always look for a cool beer spot, whether it be a brew pub, a tasting room, or something off the beaten path with some good beer […]

I Love BP!

I love BP, a lot. No not the goofs that are destroying our planet, the fine folks at Ballast Point Brewing in San Diego, CA.  If you hav…

Trader Joe’s – I Got My Eye On You!

Trader Joe’s – I Got My Eye On You!

Dan Blog’s About The Recent Arrival of Stone Brewing and Firestone Walker product’s hitting the unrefrigerated shelves of Trader Joe’s Grocery Stores. My most favorite place to grocery shop is Trader Joe’s. In the San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles, I have 5 of their stores nearby.  Besides their quality meats, vegetables, snacks, cheeses, they […]

The Bruery’s 2nd Anniversary Party Praise and Suggestions

The Bruery’s 2nd Anniversary Party Praise and Suggestions

This year, The Bruery broke up their Second Anniversary Party into 4 sessions, instead of just two from last year.  I got to attend the second session on Saturday, and to sum it up, it was smooth sailing. Below is a quick and dirty run down followed by praise and suggestions.

Stone 14th Anniversary Emperial IPA Announcement Thoughts

For the past five years, I have been spuh-rung on Stone Anniversary Ales as they have hit the shelves.  For the 9th Anniversary, I went to Los Angeles landmark Stuffed Sandwich. My undeveloped palate didn’t quite know what to make of it, but it was tasty and strong.  When 10th Anniversary IPA came out, I […]