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  1. Bob
    January 19, 2020 @ 6:50 pm

    I could be described as a bit of a craft beer pollyanna. I’m always surprised at what the Kat and I agree AND disagree about. I believe it’s really important to get out of my “bubble” and actively seek opinions that are contrary to my own. I was really excited to hear a real dialogue between two industry insiders and probably hear some of my “sacred cow” concepts get eviscerated by Beer Twitter’s loudest scold.
    What I heard expressed didn’t resonate with me at all. I don’t understand how all of the Kat’s sweeping generalizations (his thoughts on how brewery hospitality works) or his anecdotal strawman (it’s craft beer’s fault some school is now a pinball arcade?) weren’t critiqued, explored, developed or challenged. When the breweries who failed at cross-country expansion came up, y’all couldn’t even keep straight who you were ripping on and where, why, or how they had failed. I can’t believe Deschutes and Green Flash were lumped together as two breweries that “cratered out there”. “Horst Dornbush is a grifter” may or may not be true but to hear that get thrown out there without further development left me incredulous. It’s a super spicy take but where’s the supporting commentary? How could no follow-up questions be asked? What the heck did I bother listening for? To hear that Ray Daniels is a fool because Romans didn’t like beer? That may well be true but it’s not interesting and I argue, does not move the conversation forward at all. Listening to a vociferous critic of the Cicerone program and an industry insider wonder together what the program is and does and then hearing the Kat guess aloud “I think there’s a syllabus or something.” was too much for me and stopped listening. Y’all sounded like two middle schoolers listing things that suck. How can he excoriate breweries for not knowing what decoction is (super important to beer consumers btw) and not know a lick about the program he hates so much. Also, fuck a homebrewer for pretending he has expirience or skin in the game.
    I missed the substance. I realize this is just beer and don’t wish anything bad on either of your houses.
    But definitely motherfuck the both of you. Your “thoughts” are garbage. At least 90 minutes of complete trash. I’ll be staying the fuck away from your podcasts and anything else to do with the Full Pint. I can’t believe the delightful Ken Weaver fucks with y’all shit birds. So disappointed.


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