How Many F’s Given About Blue Point Brewing Being Sold to AB-InBev?

CountThe Internet is buzzing today about Blue Point Brewing being acquired by the almighty AB-InBev.  There is a huge us versus them perception between small craft breweries and AB-InBev, with the main theme being the small and noble craft brewer will not be bought out by the man, and that anyone who does is this disloyal traitor to the industry and the craft beer movement.

With that said, I give Zero Fucks that this particular brewery has been taken out of the craft beer category. Well almost zero, as I am writing about it after all.

Well why?

  • According to, their beer doesn’t compare to anything on their top 100 beers. If you look at their highest rated beer by style, it’s not good. Of course, each person has their own tastes.
  • Not a single friend in the industry, nor a homebrewer, nor a fellow enthusiast has ever recommended I drink their beer.
  • Even after having the amazing, illustrious Heady Topper, I made up my mind that I would not be going out of my way to get a delicious Double IPA when I can get plenty, fresh, in my back yard. So why care about a portfolio of beers way below the caliber of Hill Farmstead, Maine Beer Co.,Tired Hands, and other amazing North East craft breweries.

So when AB-InBev sets their sights on other mediocre to average craft breweries, I say they can have them, and they won’t be that missed.

Bright Side for Blue Point Fans

I do realize there are loyal Blue Point Brewing fans out there who are crushed by this news. Here’s the glass half full look at this acquisition.

  • You may now have even more Blue Point, and at local restaurants that previously didn’t carry it.
  • You might be able to get the beer when you go on vacation. If you look at Goose Island, it’s been rolled out everywhere in a quick amount of time.
  • If you are righteous, and are turning your back on Blue Point for making this business decision, you can start exploring other craft beer brands such as Sixpoint, Brooklyn, Ithaca and such

So whether you are a fan of the national craft beer movement or a Blue Point local, don’t get too worried.

Story from ABC News.


  1. Bob says

    Yes, there are many craft brewers sprouting up on Long Island so it’s not like we’ve lost our only beer source. Their 6-packs were always contract brewed and are not that good compared to what you get at their local brewery so having AB taking over the bottling business will probably change nothing except where it’s manufactured.
    And really, can you blame the owners who are in their 60’s for wanting to get a piece of the American dream and enjoy their later years in comfort? Ya works all yer life for a pay-off like this.

  2. says

    Ha, wraps up my thoughts as well. Except for the Hoptical Illusion, I never had a memorable beer from them and the H.I. I had to think about. Well done!

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