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  1. A person with deep knowledge / in-the-know...
    November 26, 2016 @ 5:58 pm

    The article is spot on. Stone was once a special brewery; today they are too big for their britches. You cannot have the “small” label whilst being huge. You cannot lay off solid folks who considered themselves lifers without major blowback (and I think Stone deserves MORE blowback). I know many at Stone including many who were laid off. It is not a pretty scene. Mr. Koch was convinced to do the unimaginable. The Koch of old would never have done this. He’s part of the problem now. Stone can only go down the rathole further from here with their announced projects. Come on, a hotel?! Stick to beer and food, I’d think, to keep your base happy and your company successful without layoffs. Berlin alone was at least $25M and I’m hearing the restaurant is completely empty during the week (restaurants operate at such small margins which means they have to be losing money, bleeding it). There is all kinds of wrong with Stone Brewing now. It looks like under Mr. Koch’s (lack of) leadership it will continue (and please don’t tell me the new CEO is truly running th show… he’s not… he’s a puppet)… Cheers…


  2. Spoonieluv7
    October 31, 2016 @ 11:47 am

    I agree, having this CEO act in this way could be indicative of alot of things, profitability, “fat-shaving”, new direction, etc, but from my experience, when another CEO/Executive comes in who isn’t from the industry and starts by cutting positions, that indicates they are trying to show the company’s bottom line as better than it is so they can sell it.


  3. Will
    October 29, 2016 @ 7:28 am

    You really have to ask where are these layoffs are coming from? Is it brewing, food service, marketing? It could also be transportation. They have a regional fleet that delivered their stuff as well as other brewers to retail and restaurants. I know it’s a lucky day when they bring back some Pliny from Santa Rosa. It may not be that the company is on a downward trend, it’s just a division isn’t performing to pull in the revenue it needs.


  4. Jonathan Miller
    October 29, 2016 @ 7:09 am

    Opinion pieces are exactly what they are: opinion. You can think some Corporate CEO was brought in to be the “hatchet man”, or that Stone now makes beers that aren’t true to their lineage. You can think that the layoffs weren’t justified, or that Stone doesn’t care about it’s employees. It’s all just one person’s opinion from the outside looking in. I think many of us who are fans of the company could take the opposite position on just about every point the author made, and sound just as reasonable, if not MORE reasonable or true. Stochasticity? Why fault Stone for trying something new? Heaven forbid a brewery try something new. If Stone didn’t try “something new” we’d never have the Vertical Epic series, Enjoy By, or the great seasonal beers they’ve released like Mocha IPA or Coffee Milk Stout. IPA’s?? Stone still releases some of the biggest, juiciest IPA’s out there (20th Anniv, Unapologetic, and a vast number of small batch beers that are great.) Have there been duds along the way? Sure, and I could list many beers they’ve done that I’m not fond of. Layoffs are never easy, but maybe, just maybe Stone trimmed the fat so to speak to become leaner and meaner? There are still countless great employees who have been with Stone a long time who continue to make Stone what it was/is/willbe. I know many of these people who are talented and committed to Stone continuing to kick ass. Those people weren’t mentioned in this opinion piece, and sadly that omission undermines the entire premise of the article.


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