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  1. David
    August 2, 2019 @ 6:44 am

    Ryan, I agree with you on this. Of course, I am about to hit 50, so my thinking is much different than when I was 25. I always like to have beers around that are on the lower ABV side. I even keep some non-alcoholic beers in the fridge too (still hard to find good ones; but it’s getting better all the time).

    There is definitely a market for this and it’s not going away. It’s probably going to be a stronger market for lager. Dan probably has a good point when it comes to session IPA. I think the majority of hardcore IPA drinkers are a little different. They are always looking for the next big thing and they tend to gravitate toward higher ABV and IBU offerings. I also think they perceive value similarly – more ABV/IBU the more they’ll pay. The session IPA was probably a little bit of an anomaly on store shelves because it was new and different. That’s likely why the sales have flattened or even declined. That being said, I am sure most breweries will still have one available in the tap room for patrons looking for that.

    Btw, saw an interview with Chris Lohring recently. I really respect that guy for what he’s doing and doing well. There are two breweries out there I wish I could get their beers locally – Notch and KC Beer Co. Thanks for the great, thoughtful article.


  2. Champs
    July 10, 2019 @ 11:03 am

    These are entirely different beers. Are you talking past each other on purpose for those lucrative clickbuxx (enough to almost go halves on a sixer of Go To IPA)? There’s a lot of room for both of you to be right.

    My only departure is that I’m not keen to buy high dollar low gravity beer, and coincidentally the best selling exemplars come in very Costco-style packaging.


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