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  1. George Smith
    April 6, 2019 @ 4:03 pm

    Stone Brewing was my favorite brewery back in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Greg Koch would show up at the local Home Brew festival pouring Stone beers for us fans. To the local Home brewers Stone was our champion. I had always wanted to work for Stone and landed a job there in 2012. This was the period when Stone had decided to take over the world, bigger, bolder, more beer, so long to the classics and in with the new. The culture diminished, too many people were hired, and any semblance to a growing but still great local brewery disappeared. Things started to expand quickly, and bad decisions were made constantly. Stone began to lose many key people, in particular Mitch Steele, whom brought the brewery into larger volumes while preserving beer quality and also maintaining the ‘Stone’ culture that the brewery employees generally loved. At this point it started into a downhill spiral with more departures, degraded beers, a size able layoff, and more inept decisions by the leadership. The publicized layoff in 2016 never really ended. They continued to let people go piecemeal in order to avoid press. Berlin merely caps it off, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see other pieces of the Stone puzzle come down in flames before long. Stone’s problem is it’s co founder Greg, whose dreams do not line up with financial reality. I hope that Stone can recover some of it’s shine, but I am not optimistic.


  2. Chase
    April 5, 2019 @ 1:48 pm

    Gotta say I agree with you across the board on this one. That said, I’m disappointed to find the Berlin operation didn’t make it. I’m all for not flooding the world with contemporary American culture (let France be France etc), but one [formerly?] terrific American craft beer revolutionary would have sat nicely in German culture. Just to shake things up and provide an interesting alternative. I’m genuinely sorry this didn’t work out for them. Anyway, another nice column. I almost never comment, but you’re in my RSS feed and thoroughly enjoy the posts. Keep up the good work.


  3. Kevin Augustine
    April 5, 2019 @ 11:26 am

    I myself don’t think you have to change. You got there on what your products previously did and sold. Hoppy beer and IPAs have sold well for over 20 years in the craft beer market and almost every craft brewery biggest seller is IPA. So why would you change? You get bigger the most part because people like your beer, so keep with the status quo


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