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  1. Nitch
    June 4, 2016 @ 7:38 am


    Thank you for bringing this to my attention, as a long time fan of Oskar Blues I too have been wrestling with the recent changes. This is displayed in my youtube video on take overs as well as my recent blog post covering True Craft™ (scoff).

    The adoration I have for these companies is based on so many things Beyond the quality of beer and the ethics of it’s business but also the intention. Chris Black mentions in his letter that the scene for beer and brewing is changing. The words used to describe beer, be it craft, true, indie or otherwise are getting more and more attention.

    Fans me and your readers at The Full Pint are at the point where we get to have discussions and debates not unlike the music world. When is a brewery a sell out? What happens if I like the manufactured mainstream beer? How do we define one style from another, and which one is cooler?

    My assumption is that the market will slip from being influenced by die hard fans as beer continues to enter the mainstream market as a factor of self expression. For me, education and respect are important.

    Oskar Blues, I love em too, you have a right to continue purchasing their beer, but I’m pumping the breaks on companies that have cross hairs on national (international) expansion. That is the practice that got us into this fucked up stagnated situation to begin with.

    Buy local, buy good, buy on tap.

    Love to hear more on this topic, cuz I’m a beer geek.


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