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  1. Deschutes Brewery Announces Gluten-Free Beer - Celiac Disease
    February 26, 2023 @ 6:36 pm

    […] According to the Full Pint: […]


  2. William
    July 18, 2021 @ 1:02 pm

    Neighbor Dudes and Nookies in Hermiston Oregon are looking for Gluten free be that can be delivered here in kegs would be nice to have here to be able to go out with friends.


  3. S. Zabel
    July 9, 2012 @ 8:55 am

    Do you produce any GF beer without sorgum? It upsets my stomach as much as gluten. I have found one hombrew kit in Santa Cruz, CA. where 7 Bridges Brew Organic served a 100% organic(GF)Buckwheat Pale Ale, w/o Sorgum,on tap at the Scott’s Valley Hops & Barley Festival. I believe we are getting closer to the day that celiacs can order GF beer on tap. Also, is your GF beer certified 100% GF or just low GF? Cheers! S.Z.


  4. jillian
    July 27, 2011 @ 9:30 pm

    Hey there,

    I would love to see some of this beer on tap in seattle! its rough going out with friends to a good bar or pub only to find out they don’t even offer a hard cider. 🙁


  5. Gavin Blair
    February 4, 2011 @ 3:03 pm

    Many THANKS Gary & all @ Deschutes for gluten free beer. My wife & I have been thoroughly enjoying the gluten free ESB @ both the Bend pub & the Pub in The Pearl district (Portland) We would love to see that bottled (the growlers of it we take away only last so long).


  6. Michael
    October 20, 2010 @ 5:33 pm

    Please bottle! Pretty please?


    • Rob Gould
      September 10, 2018 @ 1:56 pm



  7. tom
    June 17, 2010 @ 8:20 am

    You guys sure should bottle this stuff!


  8. thirsty on East side
    February 4, 2010 @ 1:21 pm

    Please at least let some East side places put this on tap! Bottled would be good, too.

    This stuff is wonderful. I had resigned myself to never tasting good beer again. So great to be wrong on that! Big THANKS!


  9. gaile
    July 18, 2009 @ 12:57 am

    This beer is super tasty!! I loved being able to enjoy a beer in the pub with everyone else! Now just let us know what items on the menu are safe for us to eat, and I might have to rent my own table there 🙂


  10. Oh please sell in stores
    May 22, 2009 @ 3:36 pm

    My husband and I enjoy cold beer on a hot day and I have to have gluten free! Please dont limit it to just ale house


  11. jody h.
    May 12, 2009 @ 2:53 pm

    where can I buy your gf. beer in a bottle ? thanks,jh.


  12. jose arce
    January 28, 2009 @ 4:57 am

    You guys need to bottle this gluten free beer for the rest of us here in Oregon. Salem,Ore.

    Good work

    I need my beer!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    thank you


  13. Greg Askins
    August 15, 2008 @ 7:28 pm

    Come on guys…you are this close and you aren’t going to offer it bottled?!? Really?!?

    This is a niche market beer, that I’m ready to help sell, but need it in bottles in order to do that.

    Glad to see something that might be on tap, but why not share the wealth with the rest of Oregon at least!

    Greg Askins
    Health Food Mart, Inc.


    • Rob Gould
      September 10, 2018 @ 1:55 pm

      I agree. I drink beer at home.


  14. Tom Drew
    August 15, 2008 @ 2:43 pm

    PLEASE don’t limit this beer to just ale houses in the bigger metro areas. I’m in Klamath Falls and need beer, too!!!


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