Lonerider Brewing Hangman Barley Wine Release Party

Lonerider Brewing Co.Raleigh, NC – Save the date! Lonerider Brewing is having a release party for our new Hangman Barley Wine Ale at The Hideout on Wednesday 6/26/13 starting at 5:00pm.

Hide if you can, you can’t escape the Hangman. He represents our American Barley Wine Ale brewed with over twice the malt, hops and yeast of an average ale. Concentrating these ingredients causes the aroma and flavor to equal more than the sum of its parts.

Malt takes on a unique rustic charm while hops add characters of fruits, pine and a resinous texture to this full bodied concoction. Enjoy it now or explore growing complexities by allowing it to age for years to come.

About Lonerider Brewing
We opened our doors on January 23rd, 2009 with a beer and a dream. Today, Lonerider has 21 employees and is one of the CED’s 25 businesses to watch. With an eye for quality, we’ve crafted each of our beers with the highest quality ingredients. Two of our brews, Sweet Josie and Deadeye Jack, have taken home some of the highest honors from the Great American Beer Festival. Over the years, we’ve been overwhelmed by the number of outlaws with an enthusiasm for craft beers. With such a tremendous variety out there, we can’t even to begin to express our gratitude to the community that’s supported us. We’re proud to be located in North Carolina, which has undoubtedly become the Southern State for beer.

www.loneriderbeer.com – @loneriderbeerfacebook

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