Dock Street Brewery – Docktoberfest October 3rd


Philadelphia,PA – On Sunday, October 3rd, Dock Street Brewery hosts DOCKtoberfest, the latest in their series of local, live music festivals. The concert takes place on October 3rd at 2pm in front of Dock Street Brewery on the corner of 50th & Baltimore and coincides with Dock Street’s 25th Anniversary in Philadelphia and the 3rd Anniversary in West Philly!

Dock Street’s philosophy goes hand in hand with original, progressive music and the vibrant, eclectic neighborhood in which the brewery thrives is a world-renowned hotbed for producing such music. DOCKtoberfest celebrates this burgeoning music scene as well as Dock Street, a local Philadelphia microbrewery that has been at the heart of the American Craft Brewing industry since 1985. DOCKtoberfest is the fourth free concert held by Dock Street Brewery and this one is bigger and better than ever before. The ‘sound waves’ are far reaching because of the trend towards all things local- great craft beer, great local music and the intrinsic relationship they share.

The lineup includes a Philadelphia band new on the scene, The Homophones, as well as the tropical-surf friendly Dinosaur Feathers and ‘Transylvanian rockers’ Skeletonbreath. One other band will soon be announced.

To amplify the celebration, Dock Street is working with a local non-profit, Books Through Bars. The people at Books Through Bars work to effect a positive change on prisoners’ lives through quality books and education. Attendees are asked to bring at least one book as their entrance ‘fee.’ Below is a link to a list of the types of books they need. Dock Street will distribute any books that are not on that list to children in the local neighborhood. Bring a book and join the celebration of Dock Street’s artisanal beers and live music on Sunday, October 3rd at 2pm! (October 10th is a possible rain date if the weather fails, check website for updates.)

A big thank you to Philadelphia Federal Credit Union and Comcast. We’d also like to thank Amoroso Baking and O’Donnell Real Estate.

A bit about Dock Street Brewing Co.- For 25 years Dock Street has been supplying fresh, artisanal beers to the Philadelphia region and beyond. For the past 3 years, Dock Street Brewery has been an integral force in the community and continues to be a leading pioneer in the American Microbrewing Revolution.

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