Author Randy Clemens Remembers Stone’s Matt Courtright

Matt Courtright

Photograph by Andy Coppock

It’s with great sadness that we share the news that a Stone Team Member, named Matt Courtright, passed away in a fatal accident while on the job at Stone Brewing Co.  I personally view my local breweries like some people view their local sports teams, with love, so when I heard the news of Matt’s passing, it hit me like a local sports player had passed.  Because I had never met Matt personally, I wanted someone who did know him share some kind words or memories of Matt’s life.  That brings us to our extended family member, author and former Team Stone member, Randy Clemens. Randy knew Matt from his time at Stone, and saw him a little over a week ago at Stone 17th Anniversary.  Our deepest condolences go out to Matt’s immediate and extended family. Raise a glass to Matt next time you have a cold one. Cheers, Dan

Matt Courtright was more than a person; he was a presence. One thing I could count on every time I saw him was that he’d be sporting his contagious larger-than-life smile. Even though we didn’t spend an incredible amount of time together, I got the feeling that he didn’t go into something unless it genuinely fascinated him. He seemed to give his all so that whenever his day came, he’d be able to look back and know he’d made a damn good adventure out of his life. And while it was ended unbelievably early, I can take a little solace knowing he was doing one of the (many) things he loved: making beer.

I saw him just a week ago at the Stone 17th Anniversary Celebration and he was absolutely thrilled to be pouring some of the beers he’d made with Kris Ketcham down at Stone’s new Liberty Station outpost. We chatted for quite a bit, and even though he spoke at length about what an experience it had been, he didn’t need to utter a word… that signature smile said it all.

Thanks for being you, Matt Courtright. You touched the lives of many—I’ll never forget how you talked me through one of my toughest days in recent memory—and wherever we may go after this cycle, I don’t doubt that you’ll be well taken care of. Cheers, brother.


Here is Stone Brewing Co.’s official statement on the matter:


  1. Carolyn says

    Thank you guys for so accurately preserving and sharing my brother’s memory. He was more than a damn good brewer and an even more incredible person.

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