Craft Beer Power Rankings 8-30-13

Craft Beer Power RankingsWe’d like present you with the Craft Beer Power Rankings for the last week of August.  The craft beer rankings ranks the 5 most buzzworthy beers of the week. Influences include but are not limited to social media (Facebook,Twitter, Instagram) as well as RateBeer and BeerAdvocate. Cheers!

5. The Bruery White Chocolate 2013 – Two very notable things about this beer. A lot more was made this year, allowing not only reserve society members, but us regular folks the chance to try this dessert beer. The other thing is the buzz going on BA about some perceived tartness.

4. Against The Grain Brewery Bo & Luke – ATG just announced the return of this beer, it’s a highly sought out beer with very high marks.

3. Alchemist Brewery and Pub Heady Topper – As predicted, the makers of Heady have driving the hype levels of this beer up even further by trying to take control of the black and gray market sales of this beer. Heady Mania is running wild brother.

2. Prairie Bomb – The fairly new brewery Prarie has been knocking it out of the park with their lineup of ales. Their offering Bomb has been a particularly big success as it has that chili chocolate profile that we’ve all grown to love in other beers like Hunahpu’s, Abararaxasasus and Luchador En Fuego.

1. Duck Duck Gooze 2013 – Get ready for this to flood the trading block, pop up at tastings, and stunted on Instagram.  We will be getting our bottles this weekend and are hoping this is as delicious as the last batch.

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