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  1. Mike
    March 20, 2011 @ 11:29 am

    (Sure are a long way from the old days of green beer and only green beer on St. Pattys Day)

    It is a great personal pleasure to let you know that the several million visitors to Mattters over the last year have selected your blog as one of their favorite blogs of 2010 (ranking 3rd on the Beer channel).

    You can see your blog, along with the other contenders, on the Beer channel at

    P.S. We made a cute little ‘2010 Blogs that Mattter’ award that you can pin up on your website if you like those sort of things (you can see it at

    Oh, and if for some reason or another you ever think your blog should be on a different channel, or even multiple channels, or perhaps none at all, (or you just want to chat!) just send me a quick email at [email protected].

    All the best,
    Social Guy in Chief
    Mattters – Follow Your Interests!


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