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  1. lisamichele
    November 23, 2009 @ 7:35 am

    Probably the most disappointing festival I have ever been to!
    There were 3 lines for oysters, 3 shuckers! The lines were extremely long while everyone had to wait for the oysters to be shucked. The flyer says oysters from around the world. There were the folloing oysters:
    New Jersy, Delaware Bay and Canada. Oh they changed signs to make it look like they were giving you something new but only the signs were reworded. I saw the guy changing the signs for the Canandian Oysters. The same name, different writing! Were they trying to put one over on us?
    Then the additional foods were awful! What was called oysters rockafeller was no more than cheese melted on oysters and that was barely. They couldnt produce enough food for all of the people.
    If only up to 450-500 tickets were sold I didnt see that many people there and if there were there would have been a heck of a lot more issues with food.
    The supply of food for the demand was very lacking. Many people complained. There were plenty of turkey and beef sandwiches but even those were lacking meat! The corn on the cob was not fully cooked. They would bring out one tray of about 50 pieces of something and within 2 minutes it was gone!
    This was a total waste of money and time. My husband and I could have had a nice dinner for the $55 each that we spent. I do not recommend this even for anyone!


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