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  1. Jake
    June 2, 2021 @ 6:08 am

    A good Black IPA should be based on a Robust Porter but with a —- ton of hops – lending extra bitterness and citrus to an already roasty, citrusy beer. As primarily a Porter drinker – I will straight up say it – most breweries don’t make a very good Robust Porter. When I order Porters or buy Porters – what I generally get is sugary sweet stouts or bland browns with no hops. Upping these already poorly executed beers to Black IPA is going to be tough. Flat Black IPAs are good for no one – and sugary hoppy beers – are failed experiments.

    A GREAT example is Third Wheel Brewing in St. Peters, MO. Their Robust Porter just won gold at New York Brewing Festival. 100% justified. A hop forward Porter with tangerine undercurrent that just explodes. It’s an excellent example of what Robust Porter should taste like. Their Orbital Contusion Black IPA takes that flavor profile and cranks it up – the hop profile is in your face, the citrus comes through heavy, but the robustness remains, rounding out the beer. Black IPA shouldn’t be an IPA in name only or Black in Color, IPA in flavor – it should bring in all three elements for a perfect balance – Hops, Roast, and Citrus.


  2. Rich
    January 21, 2021 @ 4:20 pm

    Wookey Jack is a hit for me, but, sadly is not available in Florida. Sublimely…not so much, even as a sixer sits in my beer fridge! Give me my dank, piney, bitter and dry West Coast IPA anyday! It’s what got most of us into craft in the first place! Hazy tropical fruit juice blows. If I want to drink juice, I’ll open up a jug of OJ!


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