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  1. Ryan Anderson
    October 12, 2011 @ 8:20 am

    Hey Dan,

    Having lived in LA for the last 4 years before recently moving out of the country I have to agree with you, there are not many breweries in LA. But I am surprised that you failed to mention Craftsman Brewing, which has been in business since 1995. Founder and brewmaster Mark Jilg is a bit of an eccentric and a social recluse. He doesn’t like publicity(check out his website that hasn’t been updated in 10 years) and I don’t think he even bothers to enter the GABF. He has kept the brewery small, distributing just locally and only on draft, but the man is a perfectionist and makes really good beer. Plus you will find several of his beers on tap at all the major beer bars in the region. Beer drinkers in LA know Craftsman. Give credit where credit is due. To everyone else, the rest of what Dan said is true. Commercial aspiring brewers, please keep LA great and blow up the brewing scene in the city.


  2. La Femme de Beer
    October 13, 2010 @ 10:59 am

    That’s a helluva last sentence–I mean, paragraph, I mean, sentence. I love bloGs…and not having ediTors. Good luck with your cry to arms, Dan. My belief is that you have to have “weather” to make/sell/enjoy craft beer. I agree with your list of cities but I think you forgot Seattle, Denver, and–my favorite shameless plug–Anchorage. We came to Anchorage from Phoenix 20 years ago. We go back to AZ to visit but when it’s HoT, you just wanna cool down with Coors Light on ice. Yeah, I said iT. My opinion? A thriving craft beer market really needs seasonal changes: misty mornings, cool evenings, gloomy Sunday afternoons and windswept Wednesdays mixed in with some hot summer deck days. The constant is change…and our beer line-up aLways offers a lil sump’n sump’n for the changing of seasons, temperatures, moods. LA, Phoenix, Dallas, Miami. Hmmm…I see a weather pattern.


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