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  1. Chris Weston
    October 16, 2012 @ 3:20 pm

    I agree, hate PBR, I would prefer to think it is a big sponsor award, but for the style, I hear it is good, just most of us don’t drink that light yellow tasteless stuff.
    I went to Falling Rock the night before (wednesday), and didn’t really think it was too crazy, and alot of people don’t realize there is a whole downstairs as well. I like Falling Rock because I can ask Fush or any of the others behind the bar for a style and they will give me something good, as I like trying new things I have not had before. If I wanted the same old, I would go to a dive bar. I don’t go to GABF to drink beers I am familiar with, I wouldn’t go to a tap house to drink those beers either. And when it is busy, it is not a place to have a lengthy conversation with the bartender breaking down tasting notes about brews, either. And more crazy is on that night I still saw more than one person with Bud bottles, I wanted to give them an intervention with the Elysian Maelstrom Blood Orange I was drinking but was sure it would be a lost cause.
    And I def. perused other parts of the country, not what is local to me here that I can get any time. Feel lucky I was fortunate enough to taste the Black Tuesday, myself.


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