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  1. john
    October 21, 2013 @ 5:29 pm

    I have lived in many different neighborhoods of San Francisco. and I have found there is always that “corner store” that has unbelievably cheap beer. it usually wasn’t a Bud or a Miller that was going for less because that beer seems to sell through. it was something like a seasonal that was out of season or something else oddly out of place.

    remember that BIG BREWERY has a beer freshness program where they buy back expired beer from the distributor. usually this buy back doesn’t cover the entire cost. I know one brewery pays 50% or so of the wholesale cost. the idea is to make the distributor partially responsible for fresh beer. duh, right? they are in control of the area.

    the old beer isn’t returned supposed to be destroyed. my guess is that beer makes it way from LARGE places that care and watch over their product and when it’s taken away to be smashed it ends up in places that don’t care so much about born-on-dates where it can go “OUT THE DOOR” for a deal. to recap: old beer is “returned”, the returned beer bought back, that beer is destroy’d (aka sold by the corner store), and nobody in that “hood” is ever going to report in about getting an un-fresh beer because that isn’t the point of that beer.

    it would not surprise me if every beer in that store was expired. I never looked.


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