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  1. Southern Maid
    June 26, 2009 @ 11:17 pm

    So funny W. Kinds,

    you seem to be so confident of the patriotic brawniness of this beer, yet here I am, a “dainty” girl who has found herself a devotee of FSLEL. In fact, one of ’em down the hatch at the end of a long day is just the thing to wind down from teaching English to newly arrived immigrants and refugees (when I am not tutoring or counseling homeless persons).

    Something of a self-proclaimed “beer expert” (like anything, these things are relative and relate to personal preference more than anything tangibly “factual”), I have tried domestic, foreign, craft, and mass-produced brews. At 27 (almost 28), my avid consumption has culminated in a discerning preference for certain elusive “notes.” These are captured exquisitely in this fine lager.

    Glad to know that I am inadvertently proclaiming my patriotism via bee drinking. According to tradition, I suppose that I am not adhering to anyone’s idea of a wholesome pastime. Believe it or not, I am no holstein, and I sure aint no sorority girl.

    By the way, the menfolk with whom I have encouraged to sample this concoction did not take to it (neither the women). Go figure! But I can’t get enough. Before I moved to Portland I had more of a refined inclination in beer, but I have drained my fair share of PBR cans, bottles, and pints since acclimating to life out here in the Pac-NW.

    However, the aforementioned is not lager, but straight up “beer” meant to be consumed in mass quantities, promote delusions of grandeur, one night stands, clumsy dancing, karaoke, and vomiting. The nuances of this beverage prompt me to engage in the type of savoir-faire that might be associated with memories that are meant to last the whole life long. Like: sittin’ out on the patio in the evening shooting the breeze with friends and neighbors while my kids run around (and would you believe that it “takes me there” from my 290 sf studio where I live alone in the middle of the city).

    Straight up magic, yo.


  2. W. Kinds
    March 28, 2009 @ 12:13 pm

    The best beer in the world. Like some of you I’ve had them all. It reminds me of the beer my uncles would drink on trips to the shore back in the late 50’s and early 60’s. You know, back in the days when you could drink and drive, the kids didn’t need to wear seat belts, boys could point BB guns out the rear windows at passing cars, and cops used their brains or muscle instead of pepper spray and stun guns. A man’s brew, made for hot summer days. Still, something contemporary here… Was it my long week that made it taste so great? A bottle before bed and a bottle in the shower Saturday morning (I like a beer buzz on Saturday morning a few times a year) proved to me that this was indeed the best beer I have ever tasted. The “Libationary Wunderkinds” at Full Sail have somehow crafted a beer that has it all – and yet isn’t overly anything – except for perhaps plain good and extremely drinkable. I’m so sick of DISHONEST BEERS – you know those New World Order phoney beers – with size 60 fonts proclaiming Australia, Japan, and Germany with size 5 fonts revealing: brewed and bottled in Canada under the authority of some marketer. Hey, if I wanted a watered down Canadian beer, I’d buy Labatt’s! Full Sail LTD, on the other hand, is an honest and righteous employee-owned operation out of Hood River, Oregon. Honest beer brewed by honest craftsmen for honest hard-working American men! Even Budweiser has become a NWO phoney beer, now owned by that Belgian conglomerate InBEv. They are so afraid of losing American beer drinkers, their new labels all proudly proclaim “AMERICAN!” What they ought to proclaim is “Belgian Banker Brew”. Do yourself a favor, next time you’re in the cooler section, pick up a case of Full Sail LTD – and salute America!


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