Mohawk Bend’s Younger Lunch Crowd

A modest crowd of a couple dozen were lined up in front of Echo Park’s Mohawk Bend yesterday for what could have possibly been the most efficient Pliny the Younger release I have seen in recent years. Mohawk Bend began dropping hints to their followers on social media devices Twitter and Facebook a couple of days before the release. On 2/15  it was confirmed that MB would be taping PTY during lunch hours on Thursday, 2/16.



I was about the 25th person in line by 11:45 a.m., and at noon on the dot, they began letting people in at a staggered entrance of 15 at a time as to not over-crowd the bar. By 12:07 I was seated in a comy booth with a beautiful 6 ounce pour of the Younger. The line had all been served within 15 minutes and according to Mohawk Bend’s Facebook, they’re kegs did not kick until about 5 p.m., which was impressive seeing as though brew-hounds in other towns had waited as long as five hours and other bars running out of supply within the first 30 minutes.



A lunchtime event on a weekday was a great idea on their part; giving more people the opportunity to come in without having to wait hours in line. In the beginning, there was a limit of two servings per person, but as the crowd got settled, the limit was temporary lifted until the next wave of folks came in.

Are you still on the hunt for a taste of this popular brew? Check out our previously published list of events happening in southern California this month and if you’ve got any tips on something we’ve missed, do feel free to share. Cheers!

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