Kilarney’s Big Wood and Strong Ale Fest 2013 – Quick Recap w/ Pictures

Kilarneys Big Wood 01Our Riverside Contributor Herbie recaps Kilarney’s 2013 Big Wood and Strong Ale Festival from this past weekend. If you are interested in covering an event for The Full Pint, please follow this link. Cheers!

The Riverside/Inland Empire area doesn’t have many craft beer festivals annually, but Kilarney’s in Riverside is working to change that.  The local craft beer watering hole, a favorite amongst many local beer geeks, has been holding more and more events in recent times, and last Saturday’s Big Wood and Strong Ale Festival was another successful move to further help grow Riverside’s blooming craft beer scene.

Approximately over 100 people stormed Kilarney’s at noon and on a beautiful Saturday afternoon with hopes of catching an elusive beer gleaming in their eyes. There was quite an increase in the number of VIP tickets sold to this particular event compared to past fests, but when you have a keg of Pliny the Younger being tapped, you’re bound to get a hefty turnout. Over twenty seven kegs of strong and wood-aged ales we’re up for pours throughout the day at the main tower station, which made for most people doing circles around the bar to keep their glasses full. Though crowded, the lines moved quickly thanks to David and his team of servers who worked very hard to ensure everyone had their glasses filled with their brew of choice.

All in all a great day for great craft beers. There were no problems at the event, and everyone I spoke to said they had a great time. Kudos to David and the rest of Kilarney’s for throwing another great craft beer event right here in Riverside.


  1. Mike says

    I think my fav of the fest, besides younger of course, was Deliverance by Lost Abbey. I have not had it in a few years and it stood out for its complexity amongst those other equally amazing beers

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