Craft Beer Power Rankings 8-10-13

Craft Beer Power RankingsWe’d like present you with the Craft Beer Power Rankings for the second week of August.  The craft beer rankings ranks the 5 most buzzworthy beers of the week. Influences include but are not limited to social media (Facebook,Twitter, Instagram) as well as RateBeer and BeerAdvocate. Cheers!

5. AleSmith Vietnamese Speedway Stout – While Speedway Stout is one of the best world class beers on the market, usually unless it’s coming out of a bourbon barrel, it doesn’t get much hype. Well AleSmith has a winning with this variant, as people seem more interested in getting their hands on this beer more than the Kopi Speedway.

4. Founders Mango Magnifico – Easily the most sought after chili beer. We tried this a few weeks ago, and it was the perfect balance of mango and chili.

3. Firestone Walker PNC – This beer made itself known last November as part of the Firestone Walker XVI blend, and was originally crafted for a small elite group of PUBLICANS.  Well this beer will be make it to said publican’s pubs shortly, and seems like the rarest FSW beer since 10. Who would think any beer aged in tequila barrels would be so yummy.

2. New Glarus Sour Blackberry – Based on New Glarus track record, I will enjoy this beer for sure, and this midwest sour has gained some momentum since being announced early last week on NG’s FB.

1. Lost Abbey Duck Duck Gooze 2013 – Even before the great server crash of 8-8-13, aficionados all around the country were eyeballing this beer. Now that everyone had to scratch and claw for 5 hours online, it makes this all the more rare.

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