Craft Beer Power Rankings 5-16-13

Craft Beer Power Rankings (featured)The Full Pint brings to you the Craft Beer Power Rankings for the third week of May.  We attempt to rank the top five beers based on influences from a number of factors including, but not limited to social media platforms, Rate Beer, BeerAdvocate, etc. Here we go!

5. Three Floyds Dark Lord – This beer is still holding strong in the power rankings.  It seems as if it peaked two weeks ago, so we will keep an eye on this one. What may keep this in the rankings for another month would be once all the trades have landed, the #beerporn will be going crazy with …..Dark Lord.

4. Surly Overrated West Coast IPA – Surly always gets hop heads attention when a freshy comes off the canning line. Overrated IPA is no exception, and it is trading like Heady and Pliny at the moment. We are anxious to get our hands on some soon.  It’s lit up social media as well as the trade boards.

3. Avery Twenty XX IPA – After a long run of weird Anniversary beers from Avery, they have just released a double IPA for their 20th Anniversary.  They are very good at big hoppy beers, and there is already a big buzz as this starts hitting shelves now.

2. Sierra Nevada Hoptimum – Sierra Nevada has re-aligned their strong beers into a series called High Altitude. Hoptimum joins Bigfoot and Narwall in that series, and Hoptimum has just hit mainstream in the past week.  It’s not that this is a hard to get beer, or an over hyped beer, but it’s a hop lovers delite and produced on a very large craft beer scale.  Take a scroll through Facebook and Instagram and you will see tons of green hoppy goodness known as Hoptimum.

1. The Bruery Bois Variants – The Bruery is back in the rare game again with a small run of their barrel aged anniversary Old Ale known this year as Bois.  Not sure how you say “Bois”, but this is the one case where I want some Bois in my mouth.  There has been great buzz for these variants, and so far has commanded some big offers on the trading block.

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