Craft Beer Power Rankings 4-18-13

Craft Beer Power RankingsThe Full Pint brings to you the Craft Beer Power Rankings for the third week of April.  We attempt to rank the top five beers based on influences from a number of factors including, but not limited to social media platforms, Rate Beer, BeerAdvocate, etc. Here we go!

5. Founders KBS 2013 – While still insanely sought after for such a widely distributed beer, some of the past few weeks hype seemed to have died down on this beer. But not enough to take it out of the Craft Power Rankings completely.

4. Stone ESPRESSO Imperial Russian Stout – Most seasoned craft beer lovers are used to the annual release of Stone Imperial Russian Stout by now, and while it’s a world class beer, people don’t trip over themselves to snag it the moment it’s released.  Starting in 2011, Stone began their Odd Beers for Odd Years initiative, and it being 2013, they’ve remixed the black goodness with ESPRESSO.  Not just any espresso, but Ryan Bros. Coffee, the same roasters that AleSmith Speedway Stout used for years.

3. Cigar City 2013 Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout – Well over a month after the brewery only release of this beer, it has flooded the trading boards.  The beer is in my opinion, worth the trouble, however there is a brand new wave of people who are now interested in this beer, seemingly many more than last year.

2.Aleman/Two Brothers/Stone Brewing DayMan Coffee IPA – It’s weird to this SoCal native that this beer is still trickling through the system in other Stone markets.  There are still lots of people looking for this, and those who have found it are still having their minds blown. People are making less Sunny in Philadelphia jokes, and talking more about the beer itself, and it’s well deserved.

1. Dark Lord 2013 – When the tickets went on sale for DLD last month, the hype on this beer spiked, and then quickly died down. Now people are looking to get their mitts on this years vintage two weeks prior to its release. It’s only going to get crazier.

Editor’s note: As I compiled this, I realized this is obviously stout heavy.  This is a fractal of the Rate Beer and BeerAdvocate community, which has historically regarded Imperial Stouts highly.

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