Blog: My Relationship with Hopslam, Golden Road Cans, Newcastle/Founders

Bell's HopslamDanny Fullpint blogs about his relationship with Bell’s Hopslam, Golden Road Brewing’s rollout of 16 oz. cans and Newcastle releasing “Founder’s Ale.”

My Relationship with Bell’s Hopslam

For the past 4 years, every January, I get a trade going for the freshest possible Bell’s Hopslam. For those not familiar with Hopslam, it is a magical hop syrup of a double IPA released once a year by Bell’s, and get’s distributed wherever you can find Bell’s. In my opinion, it’s the perfect mixture of hops,sweet malt and alcohol. The problem is, it’s too tasty, and I always drink it too fast, or in too much quantity. My dad always told me beer drinkers can’t mess with mixed drinks, because you will drink it as fast as beer. Along those lines, Hopslam doesn’t go down like a 10% beer, and for those who are addicted to hops, such as I, drink Hopslam like a less strong IPA.

So after having one too many Hopslam’s in a session, I tell myself, “I’m done with this beer.” It creeps up on me too hard and that part isn’t enjoyable.”  Then on all the message boards, topics such as “Hopslam Sightings” or “Looking for Fresh Hopslam” start popping up, and I just can’t control myself at this point. Needless to say, I am finishing up a trade for a 6 pack of that damn beer.  I will try to take it slower this year, as hard as it might be.

Golden Road Cans In Los Angeles

Rookie brewery Golden Road Brewing announced the release of their canned IPA and Hefe to the Los Angeles market. For those who don’t know, thus far, it’s been a challenge for Los Angeles to have a good packaged beer on the shelves, sitting next to all the awesome beer from San Diego and the rest of the US. This is the first real play at this emerging market, if you don’t count Skyscraper and Angel City.  In the press release, they stated the MSRP of  Point the Way IPA, the product I would likely choose over the Hefe, of $11.99. When you look at it as $2.00 a pint, it’s a steal. If you go to any bar in Los Angeles for a pint of Point the Way, it would be $5.00 a pint roughly, or $30 for six beers. When you factor in the 24 extra ounces (4 oz extra per container) when using 16 oz. cans, it’s about the same value as a 12 oz’r 6 pack of IPA priced around $10.00.  Anyway, there is a thirsty, consumer savvy Los Angeles market to welcome this new brewery with open arms. Please remember to pour this beer into a glass to give it its due.

Newcastle Brewing Releases a Beer Named Founders Ale

I have nothing against New Castle, and I know tons of people who have cut their craft beer teeth on Nut Brown Ale. It hasn’t been something I have personally drank since I was in college, but one of my biggest turn offs are the clear glass bottles.

I was sent a press release from the US marketing firm that handles media for New Castle. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the announcement of the new seasonal “Founders Ale.”  The only explanation I can come up with is there is no Google in Tadcaster AND Google was down the day the trademark board did a search for Founders Ale online. For those who aren’t catching my drift, there is a very popular brewery in the United Sates named Founders Brewing. If you go to google, and type in Founders Ale, the whole first page is about Founders Brewing and the ales they make.  What’s next, NewCastle Ballast Point Ale?




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    I personally love Newcastle Brown Ale and I found your post here very resourceful about them. All I know is it is a beer produced by Heineken International. Is that right information? Thanks.

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    I have a similar relationship with Hopslam, but I can usually get six packs here in Missouri relatively easily, plus a few opportunities on tap. However, the real score last year was the minikeg my mom procured from Kalamazoo, Michigan. The mission is to get another this year.

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