Westbrook Mexican Cake

Westbrook Mexican CakeFrom Westbrook Brewing – Happy birthday to us! We brewed a serious imperial stout and aged it on cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, cinnamon sticks, and fresh habanero peppers. This is the first offering in our annual Anniversary series. Here’s to many more!

Westbrook Brewing – Westbrook Mexican Cake – 22 oz. bottle poured into a goblet. 10.5% abv. Thanks Travis

Appearance:  Pours dark brown with a creamy tan cap.

Aroma:  Large roasty and herbal dry hop nose. Dark chocolate, light chili

Taste:  Dark chocolate burnt roast spicy chili slight tartness.

Mouthfeel:  Full bodied, pepper heat.

Overall: Super delicious, and one of my favorite “profiles” for a beer, chili and chocolate.  Very smooth, especially for it’s 10+% abv. I like this better than Clown Shoes similar offering, and wonder what a bourbon barrel would do for this beer.

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