Stone Old Guardian OAK-SMOKED Barley Wine

Stone Brewing - Old Guardian (Oak Smoked) 2013From Stone – Our “Odd Beers for Odd Years” program has afforded us the happy opportunity to experiment beyond our customary annual recipe tweaks and unleash a second version of this tasty brew in tandem with the classic release. We added a substantial dose of German oak-smoked malt to this year’s odd year brew, enveloping it in a generous smokiness that complements its rich malt character and slightly dry finish without diminishing the vivid hop flavors and bitterness.

Stone Brewing Co. – Stone Old Guardian OAK-SMOKED Barley Wine – 22 oz. bottle poured into proper glassware – 12% abv.

Appearance: Pours a hazy bright amber with a fluffy tan head that subsides to a thin soapy cap, leaving thick foamy lacing.

Aroma:  Smoked malt, sweet toffee notes. Strong smokey note, taking away the hoppy nose Classic Old Guardian bears.

Taste:  Spicy smokey malt. Very woody, not meaty like some smoked beers.  Spicy bitter hops, apricot, some toffee notes. Finishes bitter and woody.

Mouthfeel:  A bit rough, full bodied.

Overall:  The best spin on Old Guardian they’ve done yet. Very sharp and woody and bitter. I can’t guess what age will do to this beer, maybe smooth it out, but I would hate to lose the ‘OAK-SMOKED’ in the process.

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