Flying Dog Secret Stash Harvest Ale 2012

Flying Dog Secret Stash Harvest Ale 2012From Flying Dog – Whether it’s a diet-breaking bag of cookies, dinner rolls in an 80 year old’s purse, money in the mattress, or Willie Nelson’s back pocket, everyone has a secret stash. For us, it’s the locally-sourced ingredients we’re using in our Secret Stash Harvest Ale. A celebration of Maryland’s agricultural roots, each years batch will be a little different. And we’ve found the perfect person to share our stash with.  2012 – American Wheat ale made with 30% wheat malt and 10% rye malt, hopped with Chinook and Cascade from Frederick County.

Flying Dog Brewery – Flying Dog Wild Dog Series: Secret Stash Harvest Ale 2012 – 12 oz. bottle poured into a pint glass. 5.5% abv.

Appearance:  Pours a clear yellow gold with visible rising bubbles. A top sits a thin cap of white.

Aroma:  Very aromatic. Kolsch like yeast, earthy hops and grainy funk.

Taste:  Husky grain, honey, mild Euro hop spice, esters.

Mouthfeel:  Full bodied. Creamy active carbonation.

Overall:  While this beer is on the mild side, it is full of character and highly drinkable.

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