Aleman/Two Brothers/Stone DayMan Coffee IPA – Tasting Notes

Aleman Two Brothers Stone DayMan Coffee IPA pngFrom Stone – Conceptualized by Jim Moorehouse, Brad Zeller, and Nate Albrecht of Aleman, the recipe formulation and brewing also featured collaborators Greg Koch and Mitch Steele of Stone, as well as Jason and Jim Ebel, co-founders of Chicago’s Two Brothers Brewing Company. The resulting beer marries the unique fruity botanical taste of a hoppy IPA, with the roasted flavor and aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Stone Brewing Co. – Aleman/Two Brothers/Stone DayMan Coffee IPA – 22 oz. bottle poured into a goblet. 8.7% abv.

Appearance:  Pours a vibrant copper with a thin cap of white.

Aroma:  Freshly ground coffee, grapefruit hops. Both duking it out in my nose.

Taste: Fresh pressed medium roast coffee, quick punctuated citra brightness. Coffee prevails. Citra was a great choice, as you get that fruity hop punch without the typical Stone IPA bitterness. Alcohol is well hidden.

Mouthfeel: Medium bodied, average carbonation, a much more rounded mouthfeel than other Stone IPAs.

Overall:  A real mind f&^k of a beer, and I enjoyed it immensely. Looking at it, you would not think coffee is in it.  You smell it, and it goes back and forth from coffee and dank hops. If you closed your eyes and took a sip, you’d be completely confused. Hops and coffee is meant to be enjoyed fresh, so don’t wait on trying this. Even those skeptical of some of Stone’s experimental collaborations will not be disappointed in this effort.

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