Wynkoop Announces 2009 Beerdrinker of the Year Finalists

Wynkoop Brewing CompanyBeer lovers from Denver, Georgia and Oregon to compete for 13th Beerdrinker of the Year title on February 21 at Wynkoop

(Denver, Colorado) – Wynkoop Brewing Company’s judging panel has picked its three finalists for the brewpub’s 2009 Beerdrinker of the Year award.

These finalists will compete in the Beerdrinker of the Year finals on February 21, at 2 PM, at Wynkoop Brewing Company. The event is open to the public and admission is free. The three top vote getters from this year’s resume pool are:

J Mark AngelusJ Mark Angelus
A Nehalem, Oregon semi-retired prosecutor, avid beer drinker and 2008 Beerdrinker of the Year finalist. In 2008 Angelus sampled 1,029 beers, visited 93 breweries (in four States and three nations) and sampled 244 Oregon beers at eleven beer festivals in his home state.

His philosophy about beer: “While I never take myself seriously, I take my beer seriously. I have found no greater beer experience than to drink great beer at the place where it is rooted with the people who are an integral part of that beer’s culture.”

His home brewpub is Bill’s Tavern in Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Cody ChristmanCody Christman
A Denver software engineer, beer educator and avid homebrewer and beer lover. In 2008 Christman began teaching a Beer 101 course to friends and family in his home bar. The basement bar features a

15’ bar, seven taps and three refrigerators. He has tasted beer in 19 countries and visited over 200 breweries.

His philosophy about beer: “Everything I do, and every decision I make revolves around beer. I am a tireless advocate of beer culture and the brewing industry. Beer is my passion. It is the most diverse and complex drink known to man.”

His home brewpub is Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, Colorado

(Christman is the first Beerdrinker finalist from the legion of Wynkoop regulars.)

Phil FarrellPhil Farrell
A Cummings, Georgia commercial pilot, homebrewer, beer judge and 2007 finalist. He has tasted beer in every country in Europe, 1000 of the world’s pubs and 400 brewpubs. His basement beer pub features six taps, two refrigerators, and a 15-gallon brewing system.

His philosophy about beer: “Beer is first and foremost a social drink. It is the most flexible and universally affordable fine beverage there is. Every social gathering and every food item is enhanced with beer. Beer is the greatest gift ever given to the human race and meant to be shared with others.”

His home beer bar: Five Seasons North in Alpharetta, GA.

On February 21, these finalists will be grilled by a panel of previous Beerdrinker of the Year winners and national beer experts. The judges (in traditional jurist wigs and robes) will challenge the finalists with difficult beer questions, and then choose the 2009 Beerdrinker of the Year.

The 2009 Beerdrinker of the Year will win free beer for life at the Wynkoop Brewing Company, $250 worth of beer at their local brewpub or beer bar,

and clothing proclaiming them the 2008 Beerdrinker of the Year.

They will also have their name engraved on Wynkoop’s Beerdrinker of the Year trophy. The winner also wins the beer-blessed glory of being recognized as America’s greatest beer lover.

Matt Venzke, a Yorktown, Virginia is the reigning Beerdrinker of the Year. He will be a judge at this year’s Finals, along with other winners and beer experts.

For the Finals event, Wynkoop will be serving Venzke Weizen, a smoked dunkel weizen brewed in collaboration with head brewer Andy Brown.

The resume review panel for the 2009 Beerdrinker of the Year search was comprised of the nation’s top beer writers and beer experts, and previous Beerdrinker of the Year winners.

For interviews with this year’s Beerdrinker of the Year finalists, copies of their beer resumes and more information contact Marty Jones at 303-860-7448 or martysjones@att.net .

For more details on the Beerdrinker of the Year search and Wynkoop Brewing Company, visit www.wynkoop.com.

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