Stone Collaboration Dayman Coffee IPA Cometh

Stone DayMan Coffee IPAFrom Stone’s Facebook Page today.


Given nothing but the hint that we were using coffee, Stone fans came up with some brilliant guesses as to what our first collaboration beer of 2013 will be – including the correct guess, which was ventured by not one, but several of you.

Perhaps some of them saw this video ( chronicling the Iron Brew homebrewing contest where our CEO and co-founder Greg Koch lent his expertise as a judge, and recalled the winners of that contest – a trio going by the name of Aleman (the name of the brewpub these ChiTown beer buds are working on opening) – took gold with a Coffee IPA.

Well, that’s what we’re brewing: Aleman/Two Brothers Brewing Company/Stone Dayman Coffee IPA. Here’s the label you’re going to want to be on the lookout for…

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