Stone Brewing Offers Small Batch ‘The Tiger Cub Saison’ This Weekend

Stone Tiger Cub SaisonWe keep an eye on the growler fill emails Stone Company Store sends out weekly so we know when to go get our growlers filled up with fresh and vintage beers. To our surprise, we saw that the company stores will be pouring a beer called The Tiger Cub Saison on Friday.  Well what the heck is The Tiger Cub Saison?

Here is the touching explanation from Steve Gonzalez, Research and Small Batch Manager at Stone Brewing Co.

Brewmaster Mitch Steele asked me to brew a saison so I came up with a recipe that had herbal notes from the noble hops, citrus, and a hint of pepper from the Grains of Paradise. When the question of what to name the beer came up, I suggested Tiger Cub. Tiger Cub was my nickname for my wife Jenn. I had told her that I would name a really special beer after her someday, but she passed away before I could do so. When the opportunity to name the beer presented itself I though this saison, something she would have liked, would be the perfect opportunity to make good on my promise.

Click here for details on when and where you can try and buy The Tiger Cub Saison.

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