Sierra Nevada’s Stance on Proposition 19 (CA Marijuana Law)

From Sierra Nevada – We’ve been getting lots of calls and email regarding our stance on California’s Proposition 19-which would legalize marijuana if passed. A beer industry group surprised us by linking our name in with their opposition. We had no idea it was happening and we disagree with their position.

This week, the California Beer and Beverage Distributors (CBBD) came out against California Proposition 19—also known as the Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010. The CBBD is an industry group that represents the interests of beer distributors and members. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and many other independent craft brewers are associate members of the CBBD.

Although we are members of this organization, we were neither consulted—nor informed of—their decision to take a stand against California Proposition 19. Sierra Nevada’s role as an associate member grants no access or influence on the political agendas of the CBBD, and we had no knowledge of the organization’s intention to fight this ballot proposition.

The CBBD does not represent Sierra Nevada’s political interests in any way, and does not represent the brewery’s stance on the issue. We’ve requested the CBBD to remove our name from their list of members, and also to disassociate the brewery from this and any future political actions.

Over the past three decades, Sierra Nevada has maintained neutrality concerning political issues. We feel that people have the obligation to choose what is right for themselves without influence from outside interests. We regret any implied association with this action by the CBBD, and maintain our independence and neutrality regarding matters of politics. To learn more about the issue, and for out-of-state folks, here’s what Wikipedia has to say:


  1. Edward Watson says

    I heard the silly argument against prop 19 that poor people would spend all their money on pot if it were legal.It’s a stupid argument when they already have malt liquor but even then,as someone has pointed out, many people us both & if pot is cheaper it leaves more money for alcohol. Sierra Nevada makes a fine produce and is NOT in competition with MJ if it’s legal or not.

    By the way,Please export some of your product.People ’round the world think American beer is pure..ER,Um..rubbish..they need to know that the USA does indeed brew some fine beer.

  2. McD says

    Thanks, kudos and congratulations to this brewery for this intelligent decision. I don’t drink and I don’t like the taste of beer, but if a situation ever arises where I need to choose a beer, then I shall look for Sierra Nevada and feel a lot better about buying it. Furthermore, I shall ask everyone I know who buys beer to prefer this brewery when possible.

    Again, thanks and regards!

  3. daniel carter says

    Very well done Sierra Nevada!!! I admire your integrity and honesty! I never bought your products before, but now I want to give them a try -thank you for this!!!

  4. ezrydn says

    The CBBD is doing it because they fear they’ll lose their bottom line of profit. However, Sierra Nevada and several other brewerys understand that it’s a 50-50 toss-up. That it’s OUR decision which substance to relax with, even both. KADOOS to Sierra and those associated with them who won’t be forced into perpetuating the “Big Lie.”

  5. Bryan S. says

    Apparently none of these jokers have realized that many folks both drink and smoke MJ, and as it stands they’re splitting their disposable “partying” income between the two.

    And, that if Prop 19 goes thru, Many folks would/(or at least could) be paying less for their MJ. Possibly growing it themselves, and then Those consumers would have more CA$H to spend on Beer & Liquor!
    Jeez, someone needs to hop in the elevator and go down to slap some (figurative) sense into the (apparently) thick-headed marketing departments involved in this idiocy.

  6. ttyp00 says

    CBBD is shooting themselves in the head with their nonsensical lack of support for Prop 19. Why the hell does CBBD have any input on a prop that has nothing to do with beer? These guys are making absolutely no sense at all :^\

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