New Pubs Send Profits to Charity

Where are your craft beer dollars going?An interesting article was recently published in The New York Times highlighting pubs that send profits to charity. One pub I’ve been following is the Oregon Public House, a non-profit pub located in Portland’s historic Village Ballroom, which is planned to open soon. Here’s a video from August explaining what the Oregon Public House is about.

According to the article posted in The New York Times, “The beer-for-charity movement, like the microbrew phenomenon that preceded it, is different depending on where you look. In Houston, for example, where a group of giving-minded bar owners opened a place called the Okra Charity Saloon last month, patrons get a vote with every drink as to which charity should receive the next month’s profits. A project in Melbourne, Australia, plans to put geography into the equation — sale of a beer from Africa, for example, will be linked to microloans or charities in the country of the beer’s origin.”

Upon opening, the goal of The Oregon Public House is to send all profits to charities they support. The pub will be run primarily by volunteers (none of whom will receive salaries).  Eventually the Oregon Public House would like to brew their own beer to allow for donations of even more money to charity and produce beers for specific causes.

An intriguing concept.

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