Modern Times Beer Cans Debut in San Diego

Modern Times Beer(San Diego,CA) – Whelp, today is the day! Our cans are finally hitting the shelves. It’s been an enormous undertaking, and we’re incredibly excited to see it actually happening. If you wanna get a feel for what went into making this happen, check out this post on the Modern Times blog.

I don’t know exactly where or when the cans will start showing up this week and infinitely wise ABC rules prevent me from naming the places I DO know will have them. BUT, I know that they will be at some of the city’s finest specialty bottle shops and independent liquor stores. They will be at certain grocery chains that focus on local, organic items. They will be in a certain large beverage-only chain. And they will be at some bars, restaurants, and coffee shops, too, particularly those with excellent can selections.

Modern Times Beer Cans

If you don’t see them at your preferred shopping/drinking establishment, we’d love it if you requested them. Bars and stores really do listen when customers politely request things, so that would be a brilliant way of supporting us at this critical juncture.

And if you DO see them, we’d be thrilled beyond words if you’d buy them. I know that’s fairly obvious, but as a very young business, every little bit of support makes a huge difference for us.

If you’d like to swing by the Lomaland Fermentorium to celebrate with us this week, we’ll have a very limited quantity of cans available for sale as well.

Oh, and a small bit of news: we’re tentatively planning to bring our beers to Los Angeles and Orange County after the new year. We got outstanding feedback at our events during L.A. Beer Week and really enjoyed meeting folks in the L.A. craft beer community, so we’re thoroughly stoked to make this happen. We will, of course, have to ensure that we can keep up with demand here in San Diego first, but that’s the general thinking.

Cheers & thanks
Jacob McKean
Modern Times Beer – @ModernTimesBeerfacebook

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