Initial Details on New Firestone Walker Destination In Venice, CA

firestone-walker-brewing-logo-copyFor the past few years, The Full Pint has heard water cooler talk about a Firestone Walker Taproom Restaurant within Los Angeles county.  Some of these rumors are becoming reality as Firestone Walker has shared great news of a third restaurant and tap room to be placed in Venice, CA.  We look forward to providing you more info as it becomes available.  Cheers

  • The property is located on West Washington Boulevard near Lincoln Boulevard. Adam and David selected this site after more than two years of searching. It’s not a main street or restaurant row, but it’s still accessible.
  • Venice’s creative vibe was the main draw. This isn’t going to be a satellite brewery outpost. It’s a place for us to connect with the area’s unique energy.
  • Our aim is to contribute to the local craft spirit, and to establish a third leg along the coast, complementing our existing locations in Paso Robles and Buellton.
  • There will be beer and food on site, but the “how” is still being explored. Our plans will be shaped as we become part of the neighborhood. We are not a restaurant chain, but we recognize that great beers are best accompanied with food, so the pressure is on us to deliver something worthy.
  • We want to listen first, then create something educational and experiential. As a brewery, our conversation with customers has always been focused on what’s in the bottle. We are excited that this location will bring us geographically closer to more home brewers and aficionados, and we plan to host homebrewing seminars, technical talks and other events that will add to the learning curve.
  • The property includes two separate structures that were previously occupied by a restaurant and medical offices. It will accommodate some local marketing positions and provide a hub for our Southern California sales team. It has sufficient parking space without the need for artificial parking schemes. The plan is to improve the existing buildings without increasing size or density. We will facilitate local access via the property’s alleyways, and will make particular accommodation for bicycles.

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