Full Sail Session Lager Voted Best Craft Lager

The Full Pint held a poll asking you the readers, what’s the Best Craft Lager. It was a fairly close race, with many respectable craft brewed lagers taking the lead at one time or another during the poll.  In the end, Full Sail Brewing’s Session Lager prevailed.  We respect and enjoy craft lagers, and hope you all came away from this poll with a list of tasty craft lagers you are going to go out and try, without macro lager prejudice that is!  Here is a quick thank you note from the Owner Irene and Brewmaster Jamie of Full Sail Brewing. Check below for the final results of our Best Craft Lager Poll. Cheers, TFP

We are very grateful for the support of your readers to vote Session Premium Lager the Best Craft Lager beer. When we came up with the idea behind Session six years ago we felt that there was a place in craft beer for a balanced, refreshing all malt lager that was a celebration of the kind of pre-prohibition lagers America’s breweries used to brew. We are very happy to see that other craft beer drinkers  think so too.

As an employee owned, independent brewery we have the opportunity to pursue our creative vision and Session was an outcome of that freedom. While all the market seemed to be trending toward extreme, very hoppy beers we brewed a beer that went directly against that trend. And now six years after Session’s first release we are very gratified to see that we did create a beer that many others appreciate as well. Thanks to all your readers and everyone who voted for Session – they keep brewing fun.
Irene and Jamie

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Irene  M Firmat                    Jamie Emmerson
CEO/Founder                    Executive Brewmaster
Full Sail Brewing Company            Full Sail Brewing Company

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