Eel River Brewing Releases Earth Day Beer

Eel River Brewing - Earth Thirst Double IPAAs America’s first certified organic brewery, Eel River Brewing Company always celebrates Earth Day to raise awareness about how easy it is to become sustainable. By taking small steps as individuals, together we can make big changes. To celebrate Earth Day this year, Eel River Brewing will brew a specialty Double IPA: Earth Thirst.

Like all of ERB’s brews, Earth Thirst is organic and brewed sustainably (Eel River Brewing Company is 100% bio-mass powered). Brewed with over 3 pounds of hops per barrel and finishing out at 8.2% ABV, this is a strong, hoppy beer!

This beer will only be packaged in 22oz bottles and kegs and as a specialty beer, it will be brewed in a limited batch.

In addition to producing a specialty beer, we wanted to work with a like-minded non-profit to help educate consumers on organic and sustainability. A portion of the proceeds of the Earth Thirst will be donated to CCOF, California Certified Organic Farmers.

Scotia, CA – Eel River Brewing Company will produce a specialty beer – Earth Thirst Double IPA – to promote Earth Day 2011 and will donate a portion of the proceeds to CCOF, California Certified Organic Farmers. Earth Day, April 22nd, is the chance for everyone to make personal commitments to sustainability that lead to a larger, collective action. Eel River Brewing wants to show their commitment to sustainability and encourage others to do so by producing a sustainable, organic beer that promotes Earth Day and supports a like-minded non-profit.

Eel River Brewing CompanyEarth Thirst, a Double IPA, will be brewed with over 3 pounds of hops per barrel throughout the brewing process, giving it a fresh and intense aroma. When it comes to Double IPAs, Head Brewer Mike Smith says that “it’s all about hop flavor and aroma from the dry hops. The flavor depends on the hops that you use. Since this beer uses Cascade and Centennial hops, it has a heavy floral aroma and citrus flavor.” What makes this Double IPA unique is that it uses the highest quality, all organic ingredients – all from the Pacific Northwest. According to Smith, “The more locally produced ingredients are the more fresh they are when we get them, allowing the flavors to come out more.” Earth Thirst is not only 100% organic, but 100% sustainable also as Eel River Brewing is 100% bio-mass powered. Eel River Brewing will begin shipping out their Earth Thirst beer at the end of March with only limited quantities available since Earth Thirst is a specialty release. To help promote organics and sustainability, a portion of the proceeds of Earth Thirst will be donated to CCOF.

Eel River Brewing chose to work with CCOF due to their practices and beliefs. CCOF is the only full-service organic certification agency and trade association that provides benefits on behalf of it members. CCOF certifies over 2,400 clients in the US, Mexico and Canada and its members and clients receive full trade association benefits, which include advocacy, education, marketing support and networking opportunities for the organic community ( Robin Boyle, Director of Marketing, Member Services and Development for CCOF, described the importance of CCOF and Eel River Brewing working together: “We are very excited to celebrate Earth Day with the first certified organic brewery. It’s a fun campaign, and a reminder to us all to consider where our food comes from and how we can positively impact the environment by choosing organic.”

Eel River Brewing Company is the first certified organic brewery in the United States. They produce seven year-round styles of beer as well as seasonal beers. Not only does Eel River Brewing have a commitment to handcrafted, traditional, organic craft beer, but they also believe in sustainable practices. The brewing facility is a reclaimed redwood lumber mill and is powered by 100% renewable energy, using bio-mass power. Eel River Brewing Company also has a taproom and grill at 1777 Alamar Way in Fortuna, CA where they offer all of their beers that they produce on tap. The Taproom and Grill will feature a special Earth Day event. Visit for more details.

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