Craft Beer News Roundup: Captain Lawrence, Dogfish, Sebago and Golden Road Brewing

The Full Pint - Craft Beer News Roundup (small)Here we are again with another Craft Beer News Roundup. This is some craft beer news that didn’t warrant an entire dedicated post, but is considered must read material.

 In this edition, read up on Captain Lawrence’s latest bottle release, Dogfish Head, Sebago Brewing and Golden Road Brewing. Cheers!

Captain Lawrence

December 3rd @ 10:30am
Cuvee de Castleton – Batch#5
The fifth vintage of our award winning American Sour Ale.  Aged in oak barrels for over a year with wild yeast and Muscat grapes.  This year’s version is a touch drier, refreshingly tart with notes of vanilla and fruit

Production – 1000 bottles
Bottle size – 375ml
Price – $15 / bottle cash only
Limit – 4 per person

Barrel Select – Cherry
A Brown ale aged in oak barrels with Brettanomyces and NYS sour cherries.  This beer is a light refreshing sour ale, with the aroma and cherries and oak.  Not as intensely sour as the first release of Barrel Select, but with a clear and distinct sour character.  The Cherry flavor is mellow intermingling with the brown ale and wild yeasts
Production – 240 bottles
Bottle size – 750ml
Price – $20 / bottle cash only
Limit – 2 per person

Barrel Select – Raspberry
A Brown ale aged in oak barrels with Brettanomyces and Raspberries.  This beer uses the same base beer as the Cherry version, creating a  refreshing sour ale, with an intense Raspberry aroma.  This version has much more upfront fruit flavors than the milder Cherry version.
Production – 240 bottles

Bottle size – 750ml
Price – $20 / bottle cash only
Limit – 2 per person

As most of you know we do our best to accommodate everyone on bottle release days, but sometimes we do come up short and for that we are sorry.  After the last release I was not sure if I would be able to do another at our current location due to a very unhappy land lord and local police.  Without going into details as to what happened last time, I would just ask that you all enjoy the bounty of beers that are available for tasting prior to the release responsibly, and remember to keep in control of both your person and your bladder.  We will not sell or serve beer at anyone that appears intoxicated.

We will use the same method of sales as we have in the past –

We will put out a ticket counter at some point during the night.

Grab a ticket for yourself when you arrive, it will have a number on it, that is your place in line. The numbers don’t start at 1.

At 10:30 line up by number and we will start the day.

We will do our best to make sure everyone has a good time, gets some beer, and goes home safe and happy.  It was been an interesting year for us on the production side of things as we have experienced some growing pains. All of us at CLBC are extremely excited to get into our new space and to begin brewing up some new and exciting beers in 2012.

Dogfish Head – “Two exciting beers on tap at the Rehoboth brewpub this week! Tweason’ale is back on tap now (and yes, we’re still hoping to have it in bottles for release late next month) and DNA (Delaware Native Ale) returns tomorrow! Here’s a great article about all the science & partnering that went into DNA” . Link here.

 Sebago Brewing – “Our Slick Nick Winter Ale is out: a malty deep amber brew with sweet tea aromas is made with water from Sebago Lake, malt from the Midwest and hops from the Pacific Northwest. We will release our Midnight Porter seasonal beer in early January. We have begun a pilot brewery program – our brewers, office staff, and restaurant managers will be able to try out specialty small-batch brews – some will be selected to be released on draft in our brewpubs and potentially in bottles for distribution.”

Golden Road Brewing– 2 new Golden Road beers will debut at the ColLAboration Beer Garden Winterfest on December 3rd at Golden Road Brewing. Under the heading “Brewer’s Choice”,  Rye on the Palate: A rich red rye ale, perfect for the holiday season and Shwartz Stout:  A traditional dry Irish style nitro stout, that is smooth, rich and creamy will make it’s debut.

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