Arne Frantzell Designs Label for De Struise Brouwers

Struise MotuechaWe’d like to congratulate our brother Arne Frantzell. He has recently been contacted by De Struise Brouwers to design some labels for their upcoming “Comic Series.”

To the right is the graphic for the first beer in the series, as well as Arne’s comments on the new found partnership. Cheers!

They’re making a series of twelve beers called the Cartoon Series. The base beer will always be a blond ale, but each will have different ingredients and/or barrel treatments. The first is made with a single hop, motuecha, from New Zealand. The beer will be called Motuecha 10,000 33cl bottle count, so far distribution plans only for Europe.

When asked if he’s slated to create the other 11 labels.

“I think so…”

We will try to reach out to De Struise Brouwers for further clarification on this project. Anyway, big congrats to Arne!



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