New Brew Thursday : Farmhouse Pale & Summer 2010 : Almanac Beer Co.

This week, we drink a selection of fantastic beers from Almanac Beer Co, a small brewery out of San Francisco that is all about local sustainability and great beer! We start off with the 2011 Farmhouse Pale, brewed with plums and then after Master Pairings we jump into the 2010 Summer ale.

Almanac Pale

We got these great beers from Mike Sardina (@msardina) who is awesome, so we thank him.

We QR code the show .. which will take you to a special episode that is un-released.

On Master Pairings, Matt finally joins Bill in the kitchen, and Bill pairs a delicious Chicken & Dumplings paired with the classic Belgian Golden, Duvel.

After Master Pairings we drink the 2010 Summer ale with Blackberries aged in red wine barrels. Matt is excited, but eventually pulls the ripcord, Stephen knows how to read labels, and John demands that no one jump to any conclusions!

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