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  1. JohnEFresh
    January 29, 2011 @ 1:06 pm

    I respectfully disagree on one point from the reviewer: I feel this beer is a revelation. Perhaps I wasn’t expecting much – I actually tried this on tap at Barclays in Oakland on Super Bowl Sunday 2010. I thought it was way overblown and I couldn’t find anything distinctive or even Sierra Nevada about it.

    I tried it in bottle after dinner recently and I was honestly blown away. I found that distinctive lemon-line, sweet bitterness and velvety texture that are hallmarks of Sierra Nevadas kicked up hop offerings. Yes – a Torpedo IPA on steroids but even better if one can imagine that.

    While having a pint of a great El Toro beer in Oakland last night, I was horrified to see a keg of Hoptimum sitting out in the open waiting for its turn on the tap. It was room temperature. The establishment will go unnamed for the time being. I feel bad for those that will not experience Hoptimum in all its glory at this establishment.


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