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  1. John E Fresh
    November 16, 2009 @ 7:43 am

    Great review Dan. I hear many comments related to the fact that the Harvest beers are not really IPAs. Nowhere on the label is this proclaimed. Sierra Nevada clearly esteems to provide a hearty introduction to the cooler seasons with a rich and “fresh” hopped beer.

    As with all SN Harvest ales, and they are all distinctively different – this beer is excellent. However, I do taste a subtle commonality with the others: menthol. It is quite subtle but then again, that is what is so great about this particular beer. Not necessarily subtle flavors but the amount of subtle flavors.

    What has yet to be addressed is the retail price of this beer. At $9.99 this is an abomination to the beer drinking community. Last year I paid $3.99 for this beer. So SN grows their own malt, and the beer aficionado takes it in the shorts. Thanks a lot. Other than that, what is the difference from this beer and the $3.99 Chico Estate released last year? Bill?


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