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  1. Nick
    October 13, 2020 @ 4:55 pm

    I love your review. Honest and inter speculative and appreciated. I have a restaurant in NYC and I first and foremost am a beer enthusiast. I visit almost all the breweries I carry, I meet most of the owners and brew masters and appreciate each beer for what it is.

    I will never profess that I have tasted it all, or that my opinion is substantial, or that one style is better than another, but I will imagine that I am honest. I love beer. I love saison, pilsner, lager, sour, gose, IPA, IIPA, NEIPA, and any other category.

    Please take little from my opinion, but I do from time to time revisit Heady Topper. and even though some batches are superior to others, I must rely on my senses to give an honest review. Vertically developed beer is important. Heady Topper redefines the cornerstone of importance of owning your brand through owning your yeast, hops, wheats, malts, and everything in between. John Kimmich loves making beer. He lives in his own forte and is a master of both yesterday and tomorrow.

    I think there are great beers out there. But every time I revisit Heady Topper, I understand why it basically stands alone. It is original. It is not replicated. It is unique every time I taste it.

    This beer, this moment that we are lucky enough to have in the pursuance of excellence, is still self defining. It as if it does not have a category to live in. Yes it is a hoppy beer, but not hoppy by today’s standards, it has depth, as all great beers, wines, coffees, food, has. There is a distinct beginning, middle and end. Each important to itself.

    Yes, this is a namesake beer, but as Babe Ruth is to baseball, Michael Jordan is to basketball, Phelps is to swimming, Nadal is to tennis, Heady Topper is an experience all beer lovers need to experience. You don’t have to love Heady Topper, but it is important to help structure a path in the history of American beers.

    I do love this beer and am in awe each time I get to enjoy it.


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