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  1. Shaun O'Sullivan
    September 25, 2008 @ 9:13 pm


    I thank you for taking the time to review the 21st Amendment’s Brew Free! or Die IPA. Canned craft beer is a unique and up and coming popular package and fits the craft brewer life style. I agree with your assessment of the beer and wanted to pass along my thoughts. These are the first batches that we have brewed and we are going through a process that is well known to a lot of craft brewers, I am speaking about the ‘Tweeking Process.” We are dialing in the recipe and getting closer with each subsequent batch. Without getting into too much detail, I am bringing the bittering hops more forward and rounding out the maltiness and punching up the aroma hops. File under: a work in process. Each day we get closer. Thanks for posting. -Shaun


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