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  1. Josh
    August 26, 2020 @ 6:14 pm

    You’re awesome Adam. Big thanks to you for sharing such a great story with a great friend. It warmed my heart. Thanks to Telluride and Chris Fish for a nice beer. Wishing everyone the best. Much love.



  2. Adam L. Cassidy
    May 5, 2017 @ 7:00 am

    Chris I don’t know if my last comment went through probably because it was 3 pages long


  3. Adam L. Cassidy
    May 5, 2017 @ 6:56 am

    Wow so amazing. Russ & I were the best of friends. I would fly out from Darien,C.T. to stay with Russ for weeks at a time. We volunteered helping build the local skate park & when it was done one of the local carpenter’s & now this guy was if I remember right probably 6′-5″ ran home & came right back and chrissined the half pipe that I think we put 4′ of vert on it and put on his 1970’s old school black leather roller skates still wearing his rainbow suspenders and tore it up I mean the guy had skills. Russ was living in his tent up in Bear Creek and working nights at the Senate restaurant which was enough to get him by just as long as he could cover his season pass and eat thats all Russ cared about the ability to ski 6 0f 12 and then kayak 6 of 12. The first time I was visiting Russell out in Telluride we decided to go on a 3 day treck & free climb with no tent just a tarp incase(actually I think it was a choice of bring the tent or bring his bong and of course we left the tent but it was one of my most amazing 3 days. We climbed Wasatch peak & then Ballard a couple times on the last stretch of both was just enough to get a hand hold free climbing the pure vertical shutes that Russ made look so easy. He just climbed staight on up like it was nothing but me I did fine untl I stopped half way up and did what he said no matter what not to do, look down but I did and it was a little terrifying for @ sec but then he said it’s either we turn back it being the only way or buck up and just go for it which I did. The next part was great we both had a slick Patagonia shell on which w tied underneath us & dropped off the otherside of Ballard peak and we slid all the way to tree line where we knew we had to make it to so we could have wood for a campfire to stay warm, cook the little bit of spaghetti we brought for dinner and then luck would have it for a father and son that were hiking & got off the trail then lost & kept getting peaked out running into dead end after dead end rising in elavation all the way up to the treeline level which is way up there where they spotted our campfire. We fed them giving up most of our food and water rashions but hey the dad was in spandex leggings with a matching windbreaker and the son in blue jeans, sneakers & a grey Russell athletic (no B.S.) grey pull over hoodie. If not for us they likely wouldn’t of made it back to there family alive. We had made sure they had enough wood to keep the fire going all night and we drew them a map and walked them down where they could not mistake the decent to Bridal Vail falls. Even tho we sacrificed not just food but had barely made it down Bridal Vail falls to town with little to no water left but wow what an experience and when we woke up with showing them and equipping them with a map they had left at daybreak but not without leaving a thank you note and it also said I wish I had more on me but here is a 20 dollar bill to at least replace the food and water you 2 gentleman were so kind to sacrifice. Of course we hit town and went straight to Baked in Telluride this little deli that had the most kick ass deli sandwiches. I always loved my time I got to spend with a dear friend in such a badass little town. The 2 things I always remembered were that I never saw a gas station in Telluride which I guess would suck if u had a car struck me as really cool & I remember talking to rasta Stevie who I think was on the town Council which was cool to see a town with a white boy with dread locks serving Telluride trying to make a difference and being given a chance regardless off his whole look. I doo hope someone does get a chance to enjoy talking about a few of my experiences with one of my best friends and Love you guys for naming a beer after Russell. A lot of people gave him crap for being able to go to ski school/High School in Steamboat and what had happened to Chris And then Alex which I was friends with through being friends with Russ. My name is Adam L. Cassidy & I graduated from Darien high school and again have know clue how this came together and how I stumbled across it but who ever is responsible thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’re awsome!!!!!!
    If there is anything I can do to help or if anything you can send me any info about this or need a couple killer pics of Russ standing on the top of many different peaks overlooking the Telluride Basin with the biggest smile feel free to call or email me(Adam L. Cassidy 253-255-0927 in Gig Harbor/Seattle area – [email protected] – 6876 Windlass ln. Gig Harbor, Washington 98335


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