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  1. John E Fresh
    July 22, 2009 @ 11:56 pm

    I was able to collect 9 bottles of the epic “Chico Estate” 2008 last year. All three SN Harvest beers are quite unique and totally different in flavor profile. As a matter of fact, they evolve and are not exactly singing out of the gate. As my latest exhibit, I’ll present the 2nd release of the Southern Hemisphere Harvest.

    Of course, they don’t last forever. The debut Southern Hemisphere was firing on all cylinders at 8 – 9 months in the bottle. After that, other (off) flavor components became more apparent.

    OK back to the subject matter. These people don’t mess around. Sierra Nevada is on fire. Check out the latest releases: Kellerweis, Torpedo and if you can find the draft only Chico IPA. Bring it on Ken.


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